A journey through design that disappoints.
A journey through design that disappoints.

So there’s this… is your friendly neighborhood podcast about design that disappoints. As design critics, co-hosts Brooke Viegut and Cornelia Smith couldn’t help but wonder about those minor inconveniences in the world that can ruin your day — those little everyday designs that just make you think “ick.”

Chances are, that “ick” is a design flaw. On “so there’s this…” we explore our own icks through a design lens to figure out how they ended up like… that. From rest stops to inspirational quotes, bathroom stalls to chocolate, join us as we share our many opinions on a journey through design and its disappointments.

So, how does this work? Every episode, one of our hosts chooses a topic to discuss. Based on that topic, they each pick a lamentable design to research, examine and critique. But here’s the catch — neither knows what designed “thing” the other is bringing in before recording!

All thoughts, ideas, and views expressed here are that of the co-hosts.